Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Will Be The Worst
Movie Of The Summer?

All the votes are in...

Some of you might have been under the impression that this was a poll. In all actuality it was a quiz. With a correct answer, and several wrong answers. Let's see how you stacked up...

First the most popular answer: You Don't Mess With The Zohan. Sorry, but this wasn't the right answer, folks. I can see where you're coming from, but it simply isn't the worst.

Next up is Sex in the City: The Movie. This was actually a bit of a trick question. Clearly, SitC:TM will be the greatest movie of cinema history. I mean, didn't you see the show? Plus, Carrie and Mr. Big are getting married! OMG!

The final wrong answer is The Happening. Now, in any other year this was a clear winner. I'm obviously ambivalent about it. But in sheer amounts of suckitude, nothing this year compares with...

The Love Guru.
This movie is offensive in a number of ways, and not just if you're Hindu. The biggest offense comes from Mike Myers' attempt to pass this turd off as actual comedy.

Sorry, but I'd rather eat a snow cone made of frozen farts.


BG said...

I was discussing this poll with some friends, and when they asked me about my vote and I replied "Sex and the City," they were not amused. I suppose it wasn't the sort of thing I should have admitted to a group of eco-feminists who, deservedly so, enjoy the frank nature of the characters' machine gun dialogue on sexuality and relationships. But, the grand irony of their philosophical tenants, and the main goals of the characters in Sex in the City was apparently lost on them. Also, they seemed to glaze over the fact that I voted that way just to go against the mold. Everyone knows the other movies will suck.

rld said...

yay i got it right!