Tuesday, May 06, 2008

To Boldly Go...


Episode two is out! Sort of...
The episode has inexplicably been split into two parts, the second of which will be released next month. It's nice to have something to listen to, but it would have been nicer to have a completed episode.

The most frustrating part is that commercial breaks have been edited into the program. These are apparently commercials that ran during Next Generation's first season, and have been included for a "fun retro feeling". Fun for whom, I'm not exactly sure. The commercials are completely jarring and break up the flow of the episode.

I hesitate to recommend listening to the episode in this form, as an edited, non-commercial version is promised "later this year". Most likely after the second half of the episode is done.

If you want to listen to this version go right ahead. If not, I recommend listening to at least the first scene, if you want to hear me and Brian play Klingons.

I used Sound Studio to whip up a commercial free version of the episode. It sounds MUCH better this way. Feel free to stop by and listen to it sometime.


Joe said...

I like that it's almost half over before we ever meet a character besides you and Bone. Delightful.

Everyone else is crap.

Scott said...

Hey! Some of those other people are friends of mine. Let's be nice.

I think a lot of the performances are solid. There's definitely a varying range of talent. But this is volunteer work.

I think the episode is very strong in a number of ways. I just have a few gripes about changes that were made at the last minute.

Scott said...

I might also add that some of my friends from the show also read this blog. So please respect that as well.

Joe said...

Er, I don't really think anyone is crap. That was simply meant as a humorous (clearly failed) ending after saying how much I enjoyed you and Bone in the same scene. Everyone else is good, too, I just don't know them so it's not like "Hey! It's Scott and Bone! They're Klingons! One of them got murdered!"

Sorry for any confusion and/or sadness.

Scott said...

I'm so confused and sad now, I don't even know how to respond.

I know you were joking; I just wanted to make sure none of my friends took your comment the wrong way. No damage done.

Now let's finish all of this with an internet hug:


lordofoverstock said...

I'm sooooo sad now!

:Slits wrist:
:bleeds out:

Scott said...


Joe, see what you've done!
Now my blog is all bloody. Does club soda get that out?

Patrick said...

Joe --

You have no idea how much work goes into that "crap." None. Zip. Nada. The null set.

As the assistant-to-the-regional-manager, I have spent nearly a hundred hours, if not more, trying to get this single show out there. I've directed plays with dozens of people that have taken less work, care, goodwill, and patience.