Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

After reading this, I decided to pick up a copy of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at McKay's. It was three dollars, and possibly the best deal I've ever gotten in the store.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang received some warm critical attention when it came out in 2005, but it wasn't a huge success at the box office, and I never got around to seeing it. But now I have, and I loved it.

I won't say too much, since the article linked above does a pretty decent job. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer give excellent performances. In fact, I can't remember liking Kilmer in anything this much in a long time. It's really a shame the movie didn't do better in the theaters (and the fact it was so cheap at McKay's says something about it's success on video as well). The script is hilarious. Not only is the dialogue incredibly clever, but there are some fantastic, unexpected physical gags as well. Once the mystery starts revealing itself things get a little muddy, but it doesn't really matter. The story kind of takes a back seat anyway, and just lets the character and the style of the movie take over.

If you haven't seen this yet, it's definitely worth the price of a rental. Or at least moving to the top of your queue on Netflix, or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

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Sarah said...

I love this movie! I think I saw it at the dollar theater first, and I liked it so much it was one of the first into my then pitiful movie collection.