Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Shocking Twist!

There are few things in this world you can really count on. Gravity will always pull you back to the ground, cake is delicious, M. Night Shyamalan makes pretentious, terrible movies.

So it's comforting to see Shyamalan isn't trying to shake up the cosmic order with his new movie, The Happening. I can't imagine anything being worse than The Village, though I did skip Lady In The Water entirely, because even sitting through a Shyamalan movie just to mock it at that point wasn't even fun anymore. This early review for The Happening claims that this is his worst movie yet. To which I say: How is that humanly possible?

It's not that Shyamalan is a bad director. I think he's got talents. Writing is probably the least of them. Just hearing the premise for this movie made me go into a blackout rage. I woke up hours later covered in blood and surrounded by broken baby rattles.

Please, Mr. Shyamalan. Please stop writing your own screenplays. You make me murder babies.

New clip illustrates said awfulness.

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