Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guitar Villain

Congratulations, Guitar Hero, you've just lost me as a future customer. Look, we all know Rock Band has you worried. It was one of the most hyped games of last Christmas season, and it's beloved by millions everywhere. But we still love you, Guitar Hero. And we're satisfied to jam out on a single guitar from time to time. I don't need to form a whole fake band every time I want a little video game music action. Hell, if I tried to form a real band with my friends it probably wouldn't last too long.

So why does Guitar Hero suddenly require drums? It's bad enough you're taking the time to make an entire Aerosmith-themed game, but come on!

I can barely afford Guitar Hero as it is, let alone at three times the price. Can't you just let Rock Band have that niche? As far as I'm concerned it's a completely different experience, and there's nothing wrong with that. If this competitiveness continues the escalation threatens to get out of hand. What's next? Big Band Hero? Sure, why not throw a brass section into the mix! How about Symphony Orchestra Hero? At last, the thrill of playing timpani in Mozart's Requiem with 200 of my closest friends, in the comfort of my own living room!

In closing, just be yourself Guitar Hero. There's no need to be the turkey of video games.

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