Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Cute Until He Charges The Mound

It's been far too long since any bears were represented in this space. Especially crazy Japanese bears.

But now they've trained their bears to twirl bludgeons bats around.

Thanks go to Stephen for this one.


lordofoverstock said...

Clearly they're training the bears to play baseball, then teams will buy these "players'" contracts not realizing that they're importing deadly binjas (bear-ninjas). Then after a few have migrated to the same team (most likely the Yankees) they start tanking the games, thus ruining the New York economy with all of the wasted contract money. They then turn on the fans that come to the stadium. My god the horror.

Sharkbear said...

Dammit, man! You stole my idea for Mr. Baseball 2!