Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Opera!

I lucked into a small opera gig a few weeks ago. One of my former music teachers at Pellissippi had to drop out of a performance and asked me to replace him. I couldn't turn down such a generous offer.

It's for an opera fund raiser, not part of the actual season. We'll be performing selections from Romberg's operettas, "The Student Prince" and "The New Moon". The fund raiser is on Oct. 10. Tickets are $100 so I don't imagine I'll be seeing any of you there. I'm looking forward to it though.

But it just hit me how soon the performance is. Our first rehearsal - the first time I ever sang this music - was last Tuesday. I have to be off book next Tuesday. That's the shortest I've been on book for anything. It's in English, and it's fairly easy, but there are some tricky fast songs that I'm a little worried about. I will be in cram mode until next week.

Wish me luck!


Zhubin said...

Hey, good luck! Soon you'll be in Die Zauberflote. It starts in twenty minutes, you're the lead, here's the score, get on that stage and sing, goddamn you!

Will & Valerie said...

Good luck! You're the best!