Thursday, September 25, 2008

JapaNoodle Fever Tour '08

Tuesday night saw the triumphant return of Peelander-Z at the Pilot Light. This time they brought three other Japanese bands with them. The result was a tremendously fun night.

1. Quaff
They performed their own music (a fusion of rock, metal, pop, hip hop, and traditional) as well as covers of "Beat It" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

Great rock with a strong female lead.

3. Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re
All female band with a very unique sound. It was a mix of bubblegum pop, rock, and punk. Very peculiar. They currently have a crossover promotion with the Powerpuff Girls which was just recently released in Japan.

4. Peelander-Z
This was their wildest show yet. For the finale they hauled all the equipment, including the drum set, into the rafters. Lots of crowd surfing and moshing as well. Peelander Blue was mysteriously absent with Green taking over the drums.

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