Thursday, September 04, 2008

Outrageous Double Standards


Doug J said...

This was one of those rare moments on the Daily Show where, as a viewer, I was more shocked and appalled than I was amused. Than after a few moments, I was pretty amused.

I'm back in the blogging game btw:

rld said...

such a great video. i saw it the other day and wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that anyone is even dreaming of voting for General Jack D. Ripper in the first place. I am deeply disturbed by the fact that he's gaining ground. It's like America is being given a choice of living in a gleaming, new future or in the Middle Ages, and it is again clamoring for the Middle Ages. Why? Beats the shit outta me. I'm not even a Democrat and I feel this way!! And Palin's even scarier. McCain is simply Bizarro McCain, supporting the antithesis of everything he represented back in 2000. Man, anything to pander. And Palin is an anti-choice nutjob, intent on establishing us even more as a theocracy. I think Obama needs to start playing dirty. As someone who has been shit on in K-Town for twelve years, but who can say, "At least I took the high road," let me tell you, it's not worth it. At the end of the day, you still end up with shit on your face.

Scott said...

The Republicans really need to stop using the term "maverick" when it comes to McCain. Any independence from the party he may have had was sold down the river once his campaign really got going. He's now try to appeal to the conservative base in any way possible, and that means reverting to cynical playground bullying tactics.

And the thought of Palin in the White House is truly terrifying.

rld said...

he hasn't been a maverick since 2000. he knew if he wanted to be elected in '08 he needed to be less maverick and more bushy. on the one hand, it must be hard to be mccain to have to jockey the fine line between being just different enough from bush to garner the votes of the malcontent republicans, but similar enough to him to grab the bible-beaters.

i'd much rather have a candidate that is able to be himself unapologetically. oh wait! i do.

obama/biden '08!

rld said...

additionally, what do we do when mccain croaks halfway through his first term, and we end up with (gulp) president palin? a governor of a state with a corrupt political system/hockey mom does NOT a president make.

i'm all for having a vajayjay in the white house. i just want one that comes attached to a logical brain, as well. until that day comes.....obama/biden 08!