Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unnecessary Remakes 2: The Remakening

Hollywood has always been a little remake crazy. But certainly we can agree things have gotten a little out of hand recently?

Some movies could and should be remade (Ocean's 11). Some should bring the vengeance of God raining down upon the heads of those that conceive them (the rumored, and thankfully non-existent Casablanca, starring Bennifer. Remember Bennifer? Those were the days!).

Now another turd baby is being squatted out of the mind vaginas of the Hollywood elite. Fox is producing a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to air on MTV. You might know MTV as the network responsible for that vacuous ocean sound you hear when you hold a twelve-year-old girl up to your ear.

There is a simple rule when deciding what movie you can or cannot remake. The original is lost to obscurity, foreign, or you have a genuinely original take? Remake. The original is beloved by many, has a devoted or cultish following, or has had an unmistakable impact on pulp culture as we know it? DO NOT REMAKE.

Here's a Freudian typo from the Variety article:
"Fox is sin discussions with BSkyB and Sky Movies to co-finance and distribute the telepic abroad."

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