Monday, July 14, 2008

Would You Rather...

...have an extra long arm that you have to wind up like a garden hose?


...legs that never stop tap dancing?


rld said...

extra long arms. as a teacher, those could come in handy. the tap dancing, however, could get bothersome.

is this a regular segment? and are you going to call me this weekend?

Scott said...

You only get one extra long arm.

Regular segment? Maybe, if I continue to be bored out of my mind and not bother to do anything constructive...

lordofoverstock said...

I'm already jittery so the dancing wouldn't be that horrible.

Would I become fatigued? That would lead to a quick death.

Would I be a good dancer? That might change things.

Wait, just thought about sleeping while dancing.

I'll take the long arm.