Thursday, July 17, 2008

Must Watchmen

There's no question that Zach Snyder can make a damn good looking trailer. 300 ended up being a pretty big let down for me.

With Watchmen he's got his work cut out for him. The 300 graphic novel doesn't have near the devoted following that Watchmen does. Watchmen is arguably the greatest graphic novel ever written. It set the standard for everything that has come out since it was published in 1986. The darker themes and tones of today's comics, the cynicism - all thanks to Watchmen.

I have severe doubts about Snyder's ability to convert Watchmen to the screen. Other directors have considered it. Terry Gilliam came to the conclusion that it wasn't possible. Some people think even if it can be adapted, it shouldn't be.

Well the first trailer for Watchmen has been released. And like 300, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Even if it turns out to be a huge blunder, it's going to be a pretty one.


Anonymous said...

My issues with 300 are legendary. Still, I'm a huge WATCHMAN fan. With the exception of a few costumes, I'll be damned if it doesn't LOOK like WATCHMEN. It really feels like they're going through great pains to replicate the artwork. I have no reason to be scared.

We live in an age where directors are convinced that longer = better. (Peter Jackson's KING KONG is a good example of the execution of this notion.) But Orson Welles was notorious for making his live, Mercury Shakespeare plays severely cut. I remember reading that his HAMLET was 90 minutes. Sounds good to me. Now, Snyder is no Orson Welles, but I cite this only to say that I'm not allergic to cuts. And, frankly, Terry Gilliam is the last guy I'd look to for advice about pacing. His movies are beautiful, but he paces about as well as Kevin Smith points a camera; it's just not his strength.

Love it or hate it, THE FOUNTAINHEAD is a very long novel. But Ayn Rand successfully (and ruthlessly) cut it down to it's essentials for a cinematic running time of 112 minutes! As someone who has both read the book and seen the movie, I did not feel unsatisfied by the edited experience that was the film.

So, yes, the screenwriters up to now have found WATCHMEN difficult to both cut and protect. This writer wrote both X-MEN and X2, which gives me great hope.

The Fat Lady's warming up. I'm anxious to hear her sing.

Scott said...

I guess I'm still wounded by the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. Not that anyone involved with Watchmen had anything to do with it, but I just get nervous when people adapt Alan Moore.

Anonymous said...

I know it didn't resemble the comic, but V FOR VENDETTA is widely considered to be a good film... an opinion I share.

Scott said...

Actually I did like that movie a lot.

Who is anonymous, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Would I be so Lao as to answer such a question?

Scott said...

That's what I thought. Just checking.