Saturday, October 20, 2007

Please Refrain From Making Any "Wand" Jokes

So, J.K. Rowling has apparently outed Dumbledore, according to this Washington Post story.

I know some of you have read/are reading these books. Hope this news doesn't change the experience for you too greatly.

I'm not surprised by the news at all, since I've always believed all wizards to be gay. But that's just me.


BG said...

I found her announcement to be sort of odd really. Having read the last few books it really has no bearing on the end or the results. Maybe it explains his "intense" friendship with his evil wizard buddy, but even then it has very little to do with the world of Harry Potter. I mean what can you really take from this? That Dumbeldore was a closet homosexual? That hardly does anything for gay people, and seems more likely to ostricize your homophobic fans. On the other hand I guess if you're as rich as she is it makes little difference to you at this point.

Scott said...

Well, it's not like she had a press conference to announce that Dumbledore is gay. She just let it slip during a public appearance, probably in response to a question.

Sometimes what an artist intends is irrelevant when it comes to the finished product. Most people will probably read the books and never consider Dumbledore's sexuality.

But for the fans who want it to be, it can be an extra layer for one of the major characters.

Doug J said...

What about gerbil transfiguration jokes?

Scott said...

No, Doug. No.

Rachel said...

brian, i'm not reading the harry potter books, nor do i ever plan to, but i figure that those people who are old enough to understand the political/moral debate over homosexuality AND read harry potter are those who probably aren't going to care about his sexuality, at least enough to be ostracized by it. i figure the people who would be offended are those out burning the harry potter books because, you know, they encourage you to worship the devil. and if the devil is gay, well, then, the whole world is going straight to hell.