Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lego Pirate Cake!

Joe and Tara have outdone themselves with their latest cake creation.

Behold the Lego Pirate!


BG said...

Totally off topic, but the more and more I see the preview for I Am Legend the more excited I get. The premise is the same as the story (which is fantastic by the way), but I have a feeling the title may end up a bit of a misnomer as far as the movie is concerned.

Scott said...

I think if Will Smith can drop his Will Smithyness the movie could be decent. The movie will be a lot more interesting if it's a slow, moody film, and less "Aw, hell naw!"

BG said...

I have a feeling it is going to be more action oriented than the actual story so I'm sure there is going to be an unreasonable amount of "Aw, hell naw!" Also, I really wish they'd stop involving humans in the Alien vs Predator movies. It should totally be an hour and half long film with no dialog and just aliens and predators whooping ass.

Doug J said...

I remember back in the 90's when I used to watch Fresh Prince, I could have easily predicted that this guy would eventually be the go-to actor for movie adaptations of 1950's science-fiction novels and short stories. I just wish I had written it down or something

BG said...

If you had, we would all be basking in the multi-million dollar glory of the Nostradamus of actors. Perhaps, on this very blog, you would like to pen your next vision? Or, draw an interpretive yet vague picture?

Doug J said...

Your wish is my command:

The cheerleader from Heroes will do at least five horror films from 2010 to 2015.

Tom Cruise will play Ahab in a movie adaptation of Moby Dick. Queequeg will be played by Steve Buscemi and Sam Jackson will do Starbuck (and he will say "motha fuckin whale" at some point in the film).

Robert Goulet will...well, nah, he probably won't do anything.

Planet Hollywood will go under, but will be reopened by Shia LaBeouf, Emille Hirsch, and Nick Cannon.

Meryl Streep will win an oscar one more time, and it will be a message film that comes out the year the Iraq war ends.

Kevin Connolly from Entourage will inexplicably still get work.

Tyler Perry's film "I Have Relatives Who are Quirky" will be number one at the box office in 2011.

Peter Jackson's Halo will be termed "the most badass thing ever" by dorm rooms across the country.

Lindsay Lohan will do her own Biopic.

and finally,

Doug Jennings, an up-and-coming movie star, will refuse to associate with any of you.

Joe said...

Frighteningly, some of these are not too out there.

BG said...

Frighteningly? More like awesomely, so awesome you have to use the adverb!