Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You Prepared For Halloween?

Halloween is almost here, and you've got everything you need...Or do you?

Poor little Betsy has agreed to sacrifice her own beloved cat for a Halloween ritual.

Unfortunately for her satanic neighborhood friends, little Betsy is a dirty snitch.

But Miss Johnson isn't worried about spells.

After a lengthy and very inappropriate conversation with her student... there still time for Miss Johnson to save the day?

Yes, but not before nearly strangling the poor kitten in her righteous fury.

Happy Halloween!

By the way, anyone else notice the problem with that cat?


Zhubin said...

If was I that teacher, my attempt at converting Betsy would be completely derailed by my incredulity that Betsy doesn't know who Jesus is.

"Because Jesus protects me!"
"Who's he?"
"He's...wait, who IS he?! What the hell do you mean, who IS he?! You've never even heard of Jesus?! Jesus Christ, Betsy, you're eight years - you know what, just get out. Get out of my goddamn classroom."

Scott said...

That's always the best/worst part of these comics.
They completely depend on the fact that one of the characters (usually from a completely normal American family) is not only not a Christian, but has no idea what a Christian is or who Jesus was.
And upon hearing about Jesus for the first time they are immediately compelled to completely devote their lives to him.

jeannieo said...

is that because ignorant Christians believe non-Christian people are unaware of their religion and would otherwise be believers?

Scott said...

That's the premise of most of Jack Chick's comics.
I remember reading one where someone meets a Muslim, proceeds to tell that Muslim the flaws of his religion and the virtues of Christ, and the Muslim converts on the spot.
These people honestly believe that the only reason everyone in the world isn't a Christian is because they just haven't heard about it yet.