Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Movie Night 6

Hitchcock night has been postponed until next month, since Hitchcock doesn't necessarily demand to be viewed in the spirit of Halloween. He's not that kind of scary.

In lieu of Hitchcock this week became "New Zealand zombie comedy week". A perfect substitute.

1. Kitchen -
From Wholphin Vol. 3, this French film is about a woman preparing dinner for her husband. While not exactly fitting within the night's theme, it does include a human battling a disgusting creature. The creature in this case is a lobster.
There may also be a blender involved.

2. Dead Alive (1992) -
When it was announced that Peter Jackson was directing the enormous Lord of the Rings trilogy, I thought of this movie and said, "Really?" It was hard to believe that the director of this movie (not to mention Meet the Feebles) would be in charge of one of the most expensive and risky movie projects of all time.
Not that Dead Alive is a bad movie. But it's incredibly gory, not exactly family-friendly.
If you want to see a man plow through a room full of zombies with a lawnmower, twice, than this movie is for you.

3. Black Sheep (2007) -
Several years later we have another New Zealand-based zombie movie. This one is about zombie sheep that bite people, who then become zombie were-sheep. This movie should win every Oscar.
Also, the special effects were done by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop. Neat!


BG said...

Black Sheep looks like it could be really amusing, or totally retarded. Also, I wonder if 30 Day's of Night is going to be any good, or suck really hard.

Scott said...

Black Sheep is perhaps the greatest movie ever made.
30 Days of Night could go either way, but I haven't read the comic yet, so I don't have anything to compare it to.