Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Movie Night 8

Our last Halloween night was another short one, unfortunately, do to low turnout and technical difficulties. Oh well...

1. "The Soldier and Death" -
The Storyteller was featured as the second half of the sorely missed Jim Henson Hour, which I thought was pretty much the greatest thing on television at the time. Hopefully there will be a release of the entire hour-long episodes in the future, but until then the separate release of The Storyteller will have to do.
This episode is one of the best. It's the simple tale of a wandering soldier who acquires, through good deeds, a magic deck of cards that can never lose, and a cloth sack in which he can trap anything by commanding it to get in. He then uses these items to gain fame and fortune, and eventually capture death himself.

2. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001) -
This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. A spot-on parody of old B movies.
A scientist and his wife rent a cabin in the woods so that he can study a fallen meteor that he believes to be lousy with an element called "atmosphereum". Meanwhile , another scientist (quite possibly mad) intends to use said atmosphereum to revive the Skeleton of Cadavra, an evil skeleton with amazing psychic powers. And meanwhiler still, two aliens have crash landed on Earth and need atmosphereum to power their spaceship. But their pet mutant escaped in the crash, and who knows how many untold millions will die by its hand? If only it did have hands...
And they all must contend with Animala - half woman, and half four different forest creatures. What will happen when all of these people collide?
Hmm...I wonder...

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