Tuesday, October 14, 2008

World Of Goo

World Of Goo was released on the WiiWare channel yesterday. If you have a Wii do yourself a favor and download it. It's one of the most entertaining and original puzzle games I've ever played. Like all great puzzle games, the concept is simple but the execution can sometimes be infuriatingly complicated.

It involves building structures out of goo balls to reach the exit, while avoiding various obstacles. Each new level adds some surprising new element that fills one with delight (or is that goo? It's probably goo).

The games visuals are simple, but full of character. And the soundtrack is excellent. The whole package is so well put together I can't believe it was developed by an indie publisher consisting of three guys. This is probably the best game to come out on WiiWare so far.

Here's a trailer:

Here's a few of reviews: 1, 2, 3

Or you can skip those and buy it. Buy it.


jeannieo said...

you're a goo(f)ball.

Scott said...

Goo(d) one.