Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Yeah, I saw it.

I'm not a fan of the Mummy series. I went into the first one expecting an exciting adventure/horror film. I got camp instead. If you like camp, that's great, but it's not my thing.

I heard enough positive talk about the third movie to give it a chance. It promised to be so utterly ridiculous and over the top that you couldn't help but enjoy it. And it was ridiculous, but not nearly enough to cover up it's flaws.

The biggest problem I have with the movie is Brendan Fraser. I just don't find him compelling at all. He's the action hero equivalent of boiled cabbage. There's just not much to him. A large subplot in the movie is about Fraser trying to reconnect with his son, but it all falls flat because you don't care about anyone involved.

Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh both manage to inject some dignity into their roles. But neither of them are given too much to work with. Li spends most of his time being upstaged by several different CGI stand-ins. When is America going to learn that he is more than a martial arts star? This guy can act, but he's rarely given a chance to outside of China. The Mummy villains have always been about technology before character, though. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

The most delightfully wacky element of the movie is the scene where the Yetis show up. It's stupid and the movie is self-aware enough to know how stupid it is. But after half a movie of business as usual, a handful of Yetis thrown in for no reason did add some much needed amusement. It turns a little sour toward the end when one of the Yetis inexplicably makes a football reference (he kicks an evil Chinese soldier over an arch, then holds his hands up in a touchdown pose). Maybe the Yetis get really good television reception up there in the Himalayas, I don't know.

Ultimately, this movie is as forgettable as the first two. If flashy special effects and hollow stock characters are enough to float your boat, than this is a worthy distraction.


Sarah said...

I like camp, and I liked the first Mummy movie because it really didn't take itslef to seriously. But this one was horrible, terrible and awful. I thought the actor who played the son (I don't care to know his name) sucked a big fatty.

I could go on, but really I was just wanting to ask if you had seen this:

Sarah said...

let's try this one last time:

Mario Kart Cake

Scott said...

Damn. I've seen some Mario cakes in the past, but that one takes the...uh, well you know...