Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lincoln Smash!

Needing to take a break from politics I thought I'd write a little about video games. They've been under-represented here lately.

This comes out this week:

Pure joy for fans of the old school Sam & Max game for PC.

Also, if you have a Wii I hope you've been checking out the WiiWare store lately. There had been a dirth of real quality games on the service since the launch. But suddenly the last few weeks have exploded with good stuff.

Most recently Bomberman Blast and Megaman 9 have added some fantastic retro flavor. Bomberman Blast is particularly exciting since you can play online against up to 7 opponents. Also, the first two episodes of Strong Bad's game are available, and the third should be out sometime this month. I also picked up Groovin' Blocks a unique take on the falling blocks puzzle genre in which you try to clear blocks to the rhythm of the music. It's challenging, and the electronic music is good.

There are some exciting games on the horizon. I'm most looking forward to MaBoShi (although I'm not even sure there's going to be an American release for this one), World of Goo, Tetris Party (more online action), and Cave Story.


Zhubin said...

I should be bitching about the lack of any good titles for the Wii, but I haven't even finished Mario Galaxy yet.

Scott said...

The problem for me is that I can't afford to buy all the games I want, even with the Wii's supposed meager selection. For me, one or two games a year is fine, especially with all the Virtual Console and WiiWare games filling the void.

So all these people complaining about the lack of games just confuse me. How often do you need a new game? Every other week?

And for god's sake man, finish Mario Galaxy. Then do yourself a favor and find a copy of Zack & Wiki. You won't regret it.

Scott said...

Zhubin, I forgot to mention that Shining Force 1 & 2 are both available on the Virtual Console now.

Sarah said...

I also have not finished mario glaxy and am ashamed.