Friday, October 31, 2008

Where The Summer Ends

You probably haven't heard of Knoxville author Karl Edward Wagner. He has slipped into obscurity except for serious devotees of pulp fantasy and science fiction. I certainly hadn't heard of him until I was introduced to an old friend of his, John Mayer. John keeps Wagner's memory alive across the internets.

Here is his reading of Wagner's short horror story, "Where The Summer Ends". The people and locations are based on actual people and locations around Knoxville. And folks from this area will certainly recognize a certain local vegetation that serves as a central device of the story. It's an excellent reading, and a wonderful classic tale of horror.

It's in the range of 45 minutes, so make sure you have the time before you start. And turn the lights out.

You can read more about Wagner as told by John Mayer, here.

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