Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Check List

To-Do in June:

1. Attend Valerie's wedding
2. Move into new apartment
3. Attend Graham's wedding
4. Start NEW JOB in two weeks!
5. Slump to floor in corner of new apartment, ingest copious amounts of comfort ham

Here's a visual aid for how my life feels right now:


rld said...

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! i'm so happy for you!

btw i figured out what it is. but why don't you tell me so i can see if i'm right. :)

Scott said...

Okay, it's...heeeeey. Wait a minute...

rld said... that you HAVE the job, why can't you tell us what it is?

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY scott?????????????


rld said...

that video was creepy.

BG said...

Would you just hurry up and tell her you're a porn star now?