Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Mr. Manager!

After a twelve hour shift today I'm teetering on the precipice of 40 hours in just four days. The next three days are all overtime. Yeesh!

Things have been really hectic with last minute construction and register training. The store has brand new Micros registers, much like you'd use at any restaurant. Barnie's has officially entered the modern age at West Town. In addition to this we now have a dish washer which is going to cut down on close times, as well as other miscellaneous amenities that give the store an air of newness.

We open tomorrow, which marks my first day of real responsibility at work.

Wish me luck!


jeannieo said...

good luck! glad to hear things are coming together.

Joe said...

"I'm Mr. Manager" made me laugh out loud. I actually called Tara in to see it.

Congratulations on the job!

rld said...

how was opening day?

Scott said...

Opening day wasn't too bad.

Today was more stressful because I was the only MOD for most of it. The main problem is that we have a brand new computerized system, and neither the head manager or I have been properly trained on it. Paperwork is piling up at the end of the day because we simply don't know what we're supposed to do.

rld said...

understandable. i'm sure it will get easier as ya'll get your bearings back.

i'm in town this weekend, leaving sunday around 12:00 or so. give me a call if you can....i know you'll probably be busy. but i'm here, and would love a break from jane austen and paper writing. :)