Thursday, June 05, 2008

Platinum Grit

I most heartily recommend reading the comic Platinum Grit. I've just recently discovered it, and I am hooked.

The story revolves around a young Scottish man named Jeremy, his gorgeous best friend/tormentor Nilson, and the lovely, bewildered Kate.

Jeremy comes from a bizarre lineage of scientists, immortals, and otherworldly sorts of an as-of-yet undisclosed nature. He's also incredibly naive/innocent when it comes to the female types, which Nils exploits to full effect. She strings him (and the reader) along to an excruciating degree, which causes Kate to first pity him, then grow quite fond of him.

If you've seen any "harem" type animes then you might have a vague idea of the relationships at play here.

But the stories go beyond the three-way sexual tension, into the realm of supernatural fantasy and science fiction. Aliens, Highlander types, water ghouls, and enchanted Jamaican cabinets are just some of the elements that give this unique indie comic so much character and charm.

The scripts are dense, often hilariously absurd, and emotionally affecting. And the babes are super hot, lets not forget:


So, check it out. It's a print comic, but you can read it in flash mode online. Enjoy.

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