Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Worst Coincidence Of 2007

Warning: The following story contains a spoiler (a rather obvious one) for the movie I Am Legend. So if you have the need to watch that movie unspoiled do not continue reading.

My friend Kelly went to see I Am Legend a couple nights ago. In the movie, Will Smith's only companion is his German Shepherd, Samantha.

Kelly happens to have a German Shepherd named Samantha. So while she watched the movie, it was like her dog was up there on the screen.

Then the inevitable moment comes when Samantha sacrifices herself to save Will Smith's life. Samantha starts to turn into a vampire dog, and Will Smith strangles her to death in his arms. It's one of the movie's more effecting scenes. Needless to say, Kelly felt it just a little bit more.

After the movie Kelly got a call from her parents. They said she needed to come home.
When she got there she found out that her dog, Samantha, had died.


Merry Christmas, everyone!


Paige said...

As a dog just ruined Christmas...thanks...

and much sympathy for your friend...I've been there.

Rachel said...


BG said...

It's the worst story ever that someone's dog died? I mean, I feel for them considering I have pets I love, but the worst story ever ;)? Also, was this dog gone before its time or was it like 15 years old?

Rachel said...

brian, will all due respect, shut the hell up.

BG said...

Well Scott, I tried the "be an asshole like Scott" in comments thing, and I just don't think it worked out. I'll be needing my money back guarantee since you're training was so poor. Oh, you don't remember anything about a money back guarantee? Or training? Well, I'm sure you'll remember eventually, now if you'll just hand over $100 I'll be on my way.

Zhubin said...

How did the poor dog die?

Was...was it also strangled by Will Smith?