Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Are Sequential Hermaphrodites

Isabella Rossellini is back with more Green Porno. The original series was all about insects. The new series deals with marine life. Now you can finally see how whales do it.

Rossellini is hilarious, and she brings a sensibility to the show that is whimsically insane. Where else can you hear her say such gems as, "Different penises, all trying to get as close as possible to my eggs. But I would have a tunnel. And it would be a labyrinth...It would be species specific, so that I'm not screwed by a bear."

Animal Planet should take a page from Green Porno. It might make something like The Planet's Funniest Animals actually watchable.


dot the eye said...

my god! WHY is isabella rosselini so AWESOME?! the first series was *priceless* and i can't wait to see this next one! i just wish they were longer, y'know?

Sharkbear said...

Yes, I would love a full length movie like this.