Saturday, April 11, 2009

Special Prayers

From the "Stories" section on my niece's website:
"Abigail's 'special prayers' before bed continue to leave Carl and I laughing. She says her regular prayers ("God bless mom, God bless dad"... and so on), and then she picks someone to say a special prayer for... and it's completely up to her who it's about and what she prays for. One night recently she picked Great Gpa Carl to say a special prayer for. I can't remember her exact words, but essentially she prayed for Great Gpa Carl to not throw Gpa Gary off the edge... Carl and I had a hard time not laughing... we don't know where she comes up with it. Last night, she picked Uncle Jordan for her special prayer. She picked him several days in a row a few weeks ago after he fell off the roof of his house, and so when she picked him last night we figured it would deal with the fall again. No, last night she prayed, 'Dear Jesus, please help Uncle Jordan to not have fire coming out of his head.'"

Also I'm not sure if I'm comforted or worried about this recent exchange:
Abigail: "God's not at our house today."
Amy: "He's not? Where is he?"
Abigail: "With Uncle Scott in Tennessee."

And here's a good one from February, before her visit:
Amy: "Are you going to visit Uncle Scott?"
Abigail: "Yes, but not today. Tennessee is closed."

It's nice to know that I'm in her thoughts. And that her thoughts resemble mine in their amusing surreality.

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rachel. said...

that's awesome. kids are hilarious.

and btw i'm trying to write on your wall to say happy birthday so that everyone can see it, but FB is being weird. so happy birthday, fool. let me know how those late-late twenties are.