Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In Outlander, Jim "Jesus" Caviezel (or Jeviezel, for short), plays a man from outer space who crash lands on Earth during a time when Vikings were kicking the shit out of everyone and everything. Stripped early on of any futuristic gadgets that might come in handy during such a time, Jeviezel must survive on wits alone.

But he's not alone for very long. He easily befriends a Viking clan after helping them kill a large bear, moves in on the future king's girl, and then gets everyone to work together to kill a huge evil space demon that glows in the dark and slaughters people willy nilly. All in a day's work. Did I mention that Ron Perlman also shows up and does some ass kicking with giant mallets? I didn't? Well, he DOES.

And that space demon that they're intent on killing - it only wants revenge because Jeviezel helped annihilate its entire species and took over its planet. The monster is the good guy, and it's still a pleasure to see it get its ass handed to it. Because monsters are different and they deserve to die.

If you haven't seen Outlander yet I can only shake my head and wonder why. Vikings throw down against some aliens, y'all. Go out and see it, and you will witness a time when men were men. Especially if they were space men.

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