Friday, March 06, 2009

Come Back, Conan, As Soon As You Can!

After trying to make it through three episodes of the new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I've gone into some sort of Conan withdrawal. My hands shake, and my mouth dries up, and I begin to wonder if late night television was ever funny, or did I just imagine it? So far, Fallon's schtick has included sketches about Facebook, beer pong, popular YouTube clips, and getting college kids to do "funny" things on camera. Late Night has officially become the go-to program for all your painfully sub-par frat boy humor.

I understand that when Conan took over Late Night from Letterman he wasn't perfect right out of the gate. There was a lot of room for improvement. But Conan always had a unique writing style and point of view. Can someone please tell me what style Fallon has, beyond mumbling something unintelligible and then being the only one laughing? I have no doubt that Fallon will improve with time, but I can't foresee anything ever coming out of his show that reaches this level of greatness:

June can't come quickly enough.


Zhubin said...

That baseball clip is my favorite Conan moment ever. I was so happy when he said it was his favorite.

Alessandra Stanley of the NYT said that Fallon "can sometimes seem like an old person’s notion of a hip young comic," which I think is the best description of him.

Sharkbear said...

It is a brilliant clip. His taking over of the Tonight Show is going to be glorious.

I have a feeling Lorne gave Fallon the show based simply on the fact that he knew what "the Twitter" was.