Thursday, December 18, 2008

No...No! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! *sob*

Some interesting updates on the Cowboy Bebop movie.

Apparently they want to stretch the series' first episode into a full length movie. While that was a great episode, and introduces the series nicely, it doesn't contain half of what made Bebop a great series. Fey Valentine, Radical Edward, and Einstein were all introduced in later episodes. And while I'm sure they'll try to cram all of their introductions into the movie, it just isn't going to work properly. They either need to create an original story, or focus on one of the bigger stories with Spike and Vicious.

But the worst possible news is this: Keanu Reeves wants to play Spike.

Spike is witty, charming, and subtle. Keanu Reeves has all the charm of a mildewed log at the bottom of a compost heap. And he would look ridiculous with all that hair.

I am no longer looking forward to this.


Sarah said...

Do you have this eries on DVD? I've watched scattered episodes because it was my Dad's favorite show, but I'd love to see the whole series. Also, Mr. Reeves, while 'excellent' as Ted,l has never really moved beyond his roots, has he?

Sharkbear said...

I do indeed. This is my favorite anime series. It has great characters, fantastic stories, and an in incredible sound track.

Keanu has no business getting his plaster hands all over this thing. It should be cast with actual, emoting humans.

brian said...

They should just avoid anything live action with the words "Cowboy" and "Bebop" involved in the title. Do us all a favor and just animate it with the original Japanese voice cast, and give us the subtitles.