Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Current Events Explained In Movies

There are a lot of mixed emotions about the presidential election, and it can be difficult to sort everything out. How should we feel about the outcome exactly? The magic of Hollywood can give us insight into this very complicated issue.

The far right reaction:

The moderate reaction:

Everyone else:

Yub nub, baby.


Paige said...

That was me...messed up on what I wanted to say...The graduate clip was very funny.

I'm predominantly conservative (shocking...I know) but tend to lean moderate, southern, raised Baptist, white, and female...does that mean I am racist and that Obama's color of his skin was the reason I didn't vote for him?

Oh, and I am actually off to my Thursday morning Bible study...if that helps to clarify...

I'm just trying to clear up your thoughts of me.

Gentry...feel free to comment also.

Sharkbear said...

Paige, it's possible you're taking a humorous blog post that sums up an incredibly complex issue with three YouTube clips a little too seriously.

Also, this is about the reaction to Obama's election, not the reasons people voted for him.

Also, the original post listed the first clip as the "conservative reaction". I changed this to the "far right reaction" to be more specific. If you consider yourself moderate then don't sweat it.

Also, you're southern, Baptist, white, and female. If you're not at least a little be racist then you are one of the exceptions. But then, everyone's a little bit racist sometimes.

Paige said... of my best friends (you will probably remember him) Allan Weir loves that song...

Anonymous said...

Maybe this ol' carpetbagger might rest just a tad bit easier with headlines like these. Could the Bizarro World insanity of the world be at an end? As a card-carrying carpetbagger, everything about the Old South needs to go. There's a much better New South awaiting. And while I'm at it, RELIGULOUS has now made millions more than EXPELLED in a fraction of the time. Yub Nub!