Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"They Came For Brains,
You'll Give Them...Bullets"

"So frightening, you'll cry blood from your own eyes."

That quote was a close runner up to this post's title. Both of them are from the trailer for the new Wii game The House of the Dead: Overkill. I've always felt the "House of the Dead" series was kind of hokey. It could be fun for a few minutes in the arcade, but on-rail shooters never really appealed to me for the home market. Even if they did often come with cool gun peripherals. The gameplay is usually too shallow to maintain excitement for very long. And as far as horror games go, The House of the Dead was about as scary as the movie The House of the Dead.

This new game is taking a new approach by wearing its cornball nature on its sleeve. As you can see from the trailer, they're going with a grindhouse approach:

IGN has an interview with one of the game's producers.

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