Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Jay-Oh-Bee

So Barnie's closed at the beginning of March. I'm sure most of you have heard about that by now. I closed the store down one Friday evening, and got a call the next morning from my manager informing me that we were all out of a job. There was no warning whatsoever.

It took me pretty much an entire month to find a new job, during which I spent my entire savings (meager as they were). Part of that was due to the fact that I already had a week-long trip to Colorado planned. Great trip, bad timing.

So I gots me a job, finally, at Super Target in Turkey Creek. Not an ideal job, but they wanted to hire me, which puts them ahead of every other place I applied at (including another Target location). The down side is that they screwed up my schedule hardcore for the first few weeks. I was supposed to be hired on for day shifts, but my first week of training was at night, because there was some confusion as to which department I was hired into. So not only was I training at the wrong time, but for the entirely wrong area. They fixed it for this week, but because next week's schedule was made two weeks in advance I was put at the wrong time again. Which means I have to switch from nights to mornings to nights to mornings. My sleep cycle is going to be completely screwed up by the end of it.

And the worst part is, because I'm working night shifts next week, I had to drop out of the Choral Society concert. I was really looking forward to singing with the symphony. I'm not happy.

The good news, and something I'm very excited about, is that I probably won't be at Target for very much longer. I got a call from someone today about a job offer.
Nothing is official yet, so I can't really say more. But better things are on the horizon.


Sarah said...

one of the Target managers out ther was married to a girl in my vetschool class. His name is Chad, but I can't for the life of me remeber his last name. He may not even be there anymore anyways.

So this is a useless comment

Scott said...

I think there's a manager named Chat. Could be the same guy.

Joe said...

Surely you could say something about this new opporunity... Perhaps privately, by email...
I am sure anyone you emailed wouldn't say anything, especially if they knew they had been entrusted with a great secret...
By email...

Send me an email that tells me everything about this new opportunity.

Scott said...

Nice try, Joe, but Rachel already tried. No dice.

Let me just say: it's not so unbelievably good that everyone will be blown away by the news. I'm not getting cast in a new NBC pilot or Broadway show, for example. It's not performance related at all. However, it is related to something I've done in the past.

I haven't stumbled into my dream job, or anything. It's just better than what I'm doing now, and should (hopefully) help me make some money so I can move to New York in the not-too-distant future, and get on with my life.

So I'm afraid you'll all just have to wait to hear more until I actually know more myself.

Now I've sufficiently built this up so much that the reveal will be incredibly dull. But that's what you get, suckas!