Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something To Cry About

Apparently mobs are forming in Mexico. Their purpose?
To attack and beat up emo kids:

I really wish that clip had subtitles if for no other reason then to find out why the hell the Hare Krishnas show up.

I'm not a violent person, but I do very much hate the emo. This leaves me in a strange place, ethically speaking. My darker side finds the situation amusing. But I also don't feel emo culture is worth the validity that this kind of attack offers it. Already, I'm sure emo bands everywhere are rushing to their dimly lit bedrooms to write their Mex-emo anthems in support of the tender, vitamin C-deprived youth of Guadalajara. Well, not so much rushing as perhaps lurking, as those oh-so-tight pants don't afford much in the way of free motion.

The sad thing is that emo kids are such easy targets. I can't think of another youth culture movement that could invite such attacks. Try the same thing with fans of hip-hop or country music and you're likely to get return fire. Even the goths have their magic spells - or when those fail, their elaborate replicas of Lord Of The Rings weaponry - to defend themselves.
Emo kids, after all, are basically goths, only with bones too brittle to wield Anduril, sword of Aragorn, even if their lives depended on it.
Which, in Mexico, apparently they do. They do.

Boing Boing has more info about the whole thing.

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Joe said...

What a ridiculous country. For the record, Queretaro is actually where I went to church while I was in San Miguel.

As far as translation goes, it seems that the one "punk rocker" kid (el punketo, apparently) responded to the question "Why are you attacking them?" by explaining that "They are copying our style." I am not kidding.

The hare krishnas came in to "ease tensions." Great job, guys.

I think the whole emo movement is pure silliness, but I can't imagine wanting to hurt them. Just mob mentality in this case, or evidence of something worse? I dunno.