Monday, March 17, 2008

Crossing The Line

I've been a fan of The Onion for a while now, and I've always supported their satirical attacks on deserving targets. But they've raised my ire with one of their latest articles, entitled "Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence".
The Wii does not deserve this kind of unwarranted assault.

I hesitate to link to the offending article, but do so just so you can see how insipid it really is. Here.

Wii gamers are just as manly and capable of real violence as any other type of gamer, if not more so. Games like "Wii Sports" and "Wii Fit" actually making us more buff as we play! Can Playstation and Xbox make such claims? No, because they only have games like "Devil May Cry 4". A crying devil? Who's a sissy now, huh?

I have to go lie down. I think I have a touch of the vapors.

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