Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Tonight I made the mistake of accidentally flipping to Project Runway on Bravo. This show is seriously addictive. I feel less guilty after a reviewer on NPR's Fresh Air gave it a nice review. It's NPR people.
I'm not sure how far into the new season it is yet, but I do have one pressing question:

What is up with Christian's hair?

Watching previous seasons of Project Runway has prepared me to expect certain style quirks from fashion designers.

Take Austin Scarlett from season one:

Slap some giant glasses on him and you have a younger, more flamboyant Tootsie.

Then you've got Santino Rice from season two, who looks like a flirty rabbi, but dresses like a gang member from a Jackie Chan movie:

And then there was last season's Jeffrey, who had the One Ring apparently tattooed around his neck:

All pretty eccentric, but this season's Christian takes the cake with a hair style that actually infuriates me. I'm only somewhat embarrassed to admit that I yelled at the screen at the first sight of him.
I haven't seen enough of this season to know if Christian is a good designer, but it may be irrelevant. I can't take anyone seriously who mistakes the side of their head for the back.

The picture above doesn't do it justice.
Watch some video for the full effect.


BG said...

Man Scott, you could have told me you were gay over Thanksgiving. I feel ashamed that we aren't close enough friends that I had to find out from a rant about some other gay guy's hair on your blog.

Scott said...

I know how this looks, man.
But you can not tell me you don't find Christian's hair the least bit offensive.

Rachel said...

an angry queen must have gotten ahold of christian's hair. i saw the first and second episodes of this season on sunday, and i just...can' with him. ugh.

jeannieo said...

Christian is avant garde!

aka pretentious and horrid.

Scott said...

He reminds me of this Kids In The Hall sketch about a guy who works at a wig store.
In narration he keeps talking about how no one can find out his horrible secret, which of course turns out to be the fact that he wears a toupee.

At the end of the episode a squirrel comes in through his apartment window and steals the toupee.

So in the next shot you see the squirrel stretched over the man's head as a new toupee.

That's Christian.