Monday, January 24, 2011

Fight The Foot

Here's a pretty nifty little fan-made film in which some gritty Foot Clan goons get the grit beat out of them by a gritty ninja turtle. Gritty.

I would love to see the Turtle franchise rebooted. The animated film, TMNT, that came out several years ago was a lackluster attempt. 2010's made-for-television flick, Turtles Forever, in which the modern turtles join forces with the 80's turtles and the black and white comic turtles, was actually quite entertaining though.

Fight The Foot [via io9]


Joe said...

That "Turtles Forever" was hysterical. Loved how goofy they played up the 80s TV characters, especially the Shredder, and that everyone else in the movie clearly thought they were retarded. Also, even though the ending was predictable, the black and white Eastman and Laird payoff was nice. Not thrilling, but nice.

Sharkbear said...

I stumbled across it while visiting my niece. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than she did.