Saturday, July 18, 2009

Away We Go

Aside from the amazing cast the reason I most wanted to see this was Dave Eggers. I'm a big fan of his writing, so I knew there would be something worth seeing here. Still, I'd heard mixed reviews, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

The beginning started a little slow for me. It took me a while to settle into the tone of the movie, and the dynamic between Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski. But once I settled in I really loved it.

The movie deals a lot with parenthood, and how various people rise to the challenge. I used to think that I hated annoying kids, but then a couple weeks ago I realized that it was actually the parents of annoying kids that I hated. Away We Go fits nicely into that world view, which may explain why I liked it so much. As Rudolph and Krasinski travel the country, visiting old friends and family, some of the people they come across are parents from hell. This leads to a lot of awkwardness and funny situations, but it also plays into Rudolph's fears that she may end up in similar shoes.

And that's mostly what the movie is really about. Rudolph and Krasinski finding their place, and becoming comfortable with the new path their lives are taking. It's a very entertaining road trip movie. Each stop along the way is like a little short story unto itself. Some of them are hilarious, some of them are heartbreaking. The movie comes close to being overly sentimental in a couple spots, but I never felt that it crossed the line.

For me, Away We Go is a fantastic movie. It's a romantic comedy for people who hate romantic comedies.

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rachel. said...

well thank God. i really wanted to see that movie, but then i'd read some reviews that were not so great. this renews my hope, however, because i tend to trust your judgement.

except about "closer." my God, that was a terrible movie.