Monday, June 01, 2009


Knowing wasn't as bad as you expect a Nicolas Cage movie to be these days. It's pretty stupid, but watchable. I appreciate an apocalyptic movie that actually has the balls to let the world end.

So, Cage finds a mysterious document and within a matter of hours has pieced together a troubling pattern. Troubling because it is so unlikely that he would have pieced it together so quickly, especially while downing scotch like there's no tomorrow.

The document apparently predicts every major disaster on Earth for the past fifty years, with several yet to come. This sends Cage on a wild hunt to see where the trail leads. Meanwhile, his son is hearing strange voices and being visited by spooky Eurotrash gentlemen in black, and having visions of the world burning.

The final reveal is a bit odd, but not Shyamalan bad. Ultimately Cage's successful (however unlikely) uncovering of the truth doesn't amount to anything. He's merely a witness. All his efforts are pretty much for nothing except to take the audience along for the ride.

It's not a terrible movie, just kind of dumb. The characters are all pretty much annoying, and there is some Signs-esque spirituality thrown in for no reason, but lots of things explode! Throw in some unintentional humor and you've got yourself a fairly entertaining afternoon popcorn movie.

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