Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First And Ten

For absolutely no reason I've decided to hit the shuffle button on iTunes on the first of every month and post the first ten tracks that come up.

I currently have over 20,000 tracks in my playlist. If I were to play every track from beginning to end it would take more than fifty-eight days to play through.

Spoken word, audio books, and repeats will be skipped.

Here's the first set:

1. Daft Punk - "Voyager" from Discovery

2. Dragonforce - "Mists Of Avalon" from Valley of the Damned

3. !!! - "Heart of Hearts" from Myth Takes

4. Dolly Parton - "Halos and Horns" from Halos and Horns

5. Robbie Robertson - "In The Blood" from Contact From the Underworld of Redboy

6. Apples In Stereo - "Winter Must Be Cold" from Fun Trick Noisemaker

7. Aerosmith - "Pink (South Beach Mix)" from O Yeah! Ultimate Hits

8. Dolly Parton - "What A Heartache" from Halos and Horns

9. Afrocelts - "Rise" from Seed

10. Prince - "Darling Nikki" from Purple Rain

Woo. I have one Dolly Parton album and it comes up twice? That's randomization for you.


BG said...

Scott, it's OK man. You don't have to hide your Dolly Parton fandom from us any more. Besides, you already came out when you talked about that dudes hair on that modeling show or design show or whatever it was.

Doug J said...

Well, have you checked your Smart Shuffle settings in playback preferences? Because if you have it set to "more likely" it will often play sequential songs from albums and artists.

Scott said...

It's set to completely random.

Doug J said...

Well, I guess it just secretly knows how much you like Dolly.

brian said...

(With the understanding that I own multiple apple products)

I would like to present the idea that maybe apple's programmers are not as slick as everyone thinks, and instead Apple is the beneficiary of a very smug (yet effective!) marketing team who peddles their cornered market on us behind shiny devices. I'll admit to using iTunes only because Microsoft's version is worse, but that does not excuse my vehement dislike of Apple's QuickTime or m4p format. All this being said, removing the DRM from my iTunes purchased files would go a long way in satisfying my thirst for a better music manager. Wrestling the iPhone away from AT&T while making it a device that works on 3G instead of the dated EDGE (among other things) would further restore my faith in their abilities to make great products rather than just attractive “hip crowd” status symbols.

Doug J said...

Interesting point, Brian.

Plus, I like the shiny pictures and the way I just point my finger at stuff to make it work.

Oh, and youtube.

BG said...

Except, everything you just mentioned is mitigated by a much easier to use QWERTY, and the fact that Youtube can be used on other services as well. You can be a slave to the man if you want Doug, frankly I am too (I own a powerbook and an iPod!), but I'm not going to take it any more Apple! I'm onto your "Just create a slightly different iPod and continue to make money" scheme! Honestly, if it weren't for AT&T I'd probably have one.